We created this program focused on alternative approaches to health and healing in response to needs expressed by many of our clients over the years since La Casa de Pocha began receiving visitors in 1989. The program provides a space for reflection, tranquility and self renewal through a series of activities that open one to the possibility of alleviating the worries and stress of daily life by engaging in an integrative holistic process that nurtures a relationship with nature and one’s interior being.

Program components:
* Health and healing
* Culture and Education

Health and healing
Our team is composed of well being practitioners experienced in the following areas:

  • Body movement
    - therapeutic exercise
    - rhythmic and vocal expressions
    - dance
    - Tai chi, yoga
    - swimming
    - mountain hikes
  • Diet
    - Cleansing diets to purge bodily toxins
    - Macrobiotic, non-GMO, organic diets to stimulate awareness of agricultural origins and nutritional value of natural whole foods
  • Medicinal herbs
    - herbal therapies prescribed for specific ailments
    - preparation and use of herbs in diet to aid digestion and assimilate vitamins and minerals
  • Massage
    - therapeutic massage to alleviate pain and tension
    - Doín – Japanese self-massage therapy
  • Baths and sauna
    - herbal and floral baths
    - cleansing steam and sauna
    - mud, mineral and herbal compresses
    - natural mineral hot springs (5 kilometer hike from the ranch)
    - refreshing cold river plunges
  • Andean traditional healing (with local Quechua healers)
    - floral massage
    - soul calling
    - guinea pig healing
    - coca remedies
    - healing “mesas” – altars for health

Culture and Education

  • Sociocultural anthropology
    - Contemporary cultural practices
    ** Artisans: weavers, ceramicists
    ** Traditions: fiestas, markets, agricultural activities
    ** Quechua language: toponyms, songs, poetry
    ** Andean music and dance
  • History and archaeology
    - Recent regional history
    - Inca and PreIncan societies
    - Local archaeological sites
  • Language learning
    - Spanish and/or Quechua language classes may be provided for those interested

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