My name is Pocha and 25 years ago I began to build this house in the country. Initially, I only farmed, but as time went on more and more friends came to visit interested in learning about alternative lifestyles and energy, and so “La Casa de Pocha” was born. The idea of the place is to experience a closeness with nature learning to appreciate and take care of her, enjoying the benefits she provides us, attaining a balanced relationship by means of organic gardening, healthful meals, the use of alternative energy and recycling, among other valuable practices.

Here you can find the leisure to rest, peacefully read a book stretched out in a hammock, take a beautiful hike through the mountain woods to the nearby hotsprings (only 5 kms.), cool off in the river, swim in the pool, or clean your body and soul in a relaxing wood and steam sauna.

Most of the produce we use to cook our meals is harvested from our organic garden. We prepare delicious butter, yogurt and cheese all with fresh milk from our cows, as well as many delectable homemade products, such as marmalade, vinegar, pickled preserves, etc., all of which you can taste when you come to spend a few days with us at “La Casa de Pocha.”

C a s a d e P o c h a
Tel: (51-43) 943-613058

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