Each year since the creation of the Center for Social Well Being field methods course, the program organizes annual conference sessions and round table discussions with international social science associations to provide forums for the presentation of research and analytical results of students and professionals involved with Participatory Action Research (PAR) theory and methods. We encourage our outstanding field school participants to take advantage of this opportunity for critical reflection, analysis and formal presentation of significant conclusions, thus bringing the field experience full circle.

(Rebecca Corran, Leah Getchell, Flor Barreto Tosi, Rowenn Kalman, Patricia Hammer and Maria Hicks at the Society for Applied Anthropology conference. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, March 2006.)


2013 : | more... |
Society for Applied Anthropology  
73rd Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado March 19th – 23rd 2013
Conference theme: Natural Resource Distribution and Development in the 21st CenturySession Organizer:
Patricia Jean Hammer
Center for Social Well Being www.socialwellbeing.org
The Inseparability of Natural and Social Resources in the Andes: From Field Experience to Cognitive Epiphany


2012 : | more... |
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
110th Annual Meetings of the American Anthropological Association
Anthropology and Environment Section
Patricia Jean Hammer and Flor de Maria Barreto Tosi
Center for Social Well Being www.socialwellbeing.org
Mountains of Trash: Community challenges in the face of
non-biodegradable waste in the Andes


2011 :
Seattle, Washington
Society for Applied Anthropology 71st Annual Meeting

Generations of Knowledge and Research Traditions: 60 Years of Applied Anthropology in the Callejón de Huaylas and wider Peru

Although longitudinal studies are often carried out that focus on a particular region, society or culture, few lenses examine the continuity and changes in research practices by investigators in the same setting over decades. This round table takes its point of departure from the famed Vicos Project, an experiment in Applied Anthropology that drew academics to the field with research agendas influenced by North American notions of the value of modernity. Whether directly or indirectly, analyses and reports produced motivated subsequent applied investigations in the same valley and throughout Peru. Part I of this discussion will present perspectives from the initial actors and those influenced by their work, while Part II invites recent field inquiries from current students introduced to the field via the Center for Social Well Being’s Action Research Methods program.

Round Table Discussion, I:
Bill Stein, Barbara Bode, Tony Oliver-Smith, Florence Babb, Paul Doughty, Kathy Oths, Eric Ross

Round Table Discussion, II:
Students of the Center for Social Well Being Field School
Benjamin Blakely Brooks, University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa
Maria Hicks, Ronald McDonald House Charities
Valerie Mocker, University of Oxford
Melissa Beske, Tulane University
Danielle Rosen, Columbia University
Alicia Hamann, Humboldt State University
Jill Romano, SUNY at Buffalo


2010 :
Mérida , México | more... |
Society for Applied Anthropology
Vulnerabilities and Exclusion in Globalization
Invulnerabilidad y desglobalización :
Cultural resilience in health, agriculture, ceramics,
religion and development in the Ande

2009 :
Santa Fe , New Mexico | more... |
Society for Applied Anthropology 69 th Annual Meeting

Cusco, Peru | more... |
V Congreso Nacional de Investigaciones en Antropología
La antropología aplicada en los andes:
metodologías para la transformación social

2008 :
San Francisco, California | more... |
AAA 2008 Annual Meetings in San Francisco
NAPA (National Association for the Practice of Anthropology) Invited Poster Session

Memphis, Tennessee| more... |
Understanding Bio and Cultural Diversity in the Andes :
the potential for traditional knowledge to shape local and global policy

Conference abstracts for 2007 Tampa, Florida

Society for Applied Anthropology 2006 Annual Conference (Vancouver, Canada)

Participatory Action: Approaches in Graduate Research

Participatory Action Research: Paths to Transformation

Community Participaton: Meanings and Applications

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