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Ario Ferri, Outdoor Excursion Guide and Interpreter

Ario Ferri is our Outdoor Excursion Guide; having grown up in the Andes he has developed special talents in his approach to nature. He's an expert kayaker and rafting captain, skilled as well in mountain and rock climbing, cycling, trekking, and other adventure sports. As a key member of our logistics team, he leads students on daybreak hikes to appreciate the incredible dawn views over the Cordillera Blanca, day treks to the nearby hotsprings, excursions to crafts villages, archaeological sites, glacial lakes and other places of interest in the valley. Aside from accompanying students on scheduled program activities, Ario is available to provide outdoor adventures tailored to student interests. He's multilingual, fluent in Spanish, English and French. Please refer to his website for more information about outdoor possibilities in Peru: www.naturavive.com

Natalia Rodríguez Romero, Yoga Instructor and Logistics Support

Natalia Rodríguez is our on-site early morning Yoga instructor. Upon completing her Masters Degree in Logistics in Montreal in 2005, she decided to explore the Andes, where she now spends May through October supporting our programs and other outdoor adventure activities, which include trekking and rock climbing. She may be reached at: www.naturavive.com

Eusebio Santillan, Driver

Eusebio Santillan is our local driver, responsible for transporting students and faculty at our rural base. A life-long resident of Carhuaz, he is thoroughly familiar with roadways and communities throughout the valley. He has 2 cars, with 2 backup drivers for additional assistance. He has a cellular phone to ensure effective communication. 


Fernando Narvaéz, Driver 

Fernando Narvaéz is our principal Lima-based driver, responsible for airport pick-up and drop-off, as well as rides around the capital city. Although he grew up in the northern coastal town of Chiclayo, he now lives with his family in Lima, where he is completing studies in computer programming. Fernando is always available by cellular phone: 9581-5934; or by email: fnarvaez051@hotmail.com

Virtual Logistician

Based in Huaraz, the main town in the Callejon de Huaylas, Tito Olaza is our Computer Systems Expert. He designed this website, and is responsible for maintenance and updates. In addition, he provides assistance to resolve technical problems that occur with CSW's computer programs and equipment. For more information see his website: www.andeanexplorer.com


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